Access Control

SECURE: Voice Door Bell

This device comprises of motion detection that will automatically prompt the door bell to alert the user that motion has been detected. Therefore, the user will be alerted of anyone approaching their property before they even ring the bell. The bell also has a microphone and speaker facilitating two-way communication between the visitor and the operator of the bell. The device works seamlessly with our smart door lock. This enables the operator to grant access to the property, by remotely unlocking the door once they have answered a call from the door bell.

secure voice doorbell

SECURE: Smart Door Lock

This battery-operated device attaches to any existing door lock and allows the user to remotely lock and unlock the door. The door lock works regardless of the users location, using their smart device via the connected app. The lock allows the user to schedule allocated access, meaning they can grant access to individuals for certain time periods by sending them a unique code. This is ideal for cleaners, carers and decorators etc. who might need access to a building whilst the owner is away. The lock also features a function that alerts the user if a door has not securely closed.

secure icon