Product: Devices and Systems

ELS Solutions products are dedicated to providing cost effective and practical solutions to satisfy multiple issues that building owners and also occupiers may face. These can include issues regarding water management, lighting control, access or adhering to legislation.

We have developed a bespoke approach to each of our projects, providing our clients the most practical, cost effective and future proof products. We pride ourselves on creating devices and systems that overcome many issues that the connected devices world faces such as security and connectivity. All of our devices operate on a secure isolated homogenous network, meaning that they are operable from one single portal. This provides a robust and scalable solution to our clients where they can easily expand and integrate their family of devices as business needs change and grow.

We cater to both commercial buildings and domestic dwellings and offer solutions that are practical and affordable. By having a range of devices that connect and operate on a single cloud based portal, this allows our clients to streamline their resources and systems – eliminating the need for multiple systems and the associated issues of connectivity.

Our devices are sub categorised into the following areas:

  • STREAM: All devices related to water management and control
  • GLOW: All devices related to lighting control and testing
  • SECURE: All devices related access control
  • ALERT: All devices related to alarms
  • BUBBLE: Smart hub that connects all our devices
  • CONNECT: Single cloud based portal that controls all our devices