Smart Alarm Systems

ALERT: Multi-Purpose Alarm:

This device comprises of multiple alarm systems all-in-one. The smoke and carbon monoxide sensors alerts the user upon detection. Alerts are sent via the CONNECT platform and through the audible alarm. Furthermore the device also has the capability to alert the user when the battery is running low. The alarm sends a message directly to the users web enabled device. Additionally the alarm is complete with a test and mute button.

alert multi alarm

ALERT: Multi-Purpose Alarm DELUXE: 

Additional to the smoke and carbon monoxide detection, this alarm also features motion sensors and a nightlight feature. The motion sensor turns on a light in the hallway when someone comes out of their bedroom during the night. The motion detection sends notifications when motion occurs in a vacant property – providing maximum security. The nightlight feature is also battery-backed, therefore during a power cut, can facilitate a safe evacuation from the building. Additionally, the nightlight turns off at a certain time, or even dims over a period of time, to allow a gentle transition to a dark room.

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