At ELS Solutions we are dedicated to providing all our clients with practical and cost-effective solutions for complete building automation. With connected devices and systems in the areas of lighting control/testing, water management, access control and alarm systems . We satisfy every area of building automation and overcome any issues of connectivity. Our cloud based portal provides a single platform to operate, monitor and control all our devices from one location. Each system is scalable and can manage single or multiple sites – all of which can be controlled through our portal (accessible on any web enabled device).

With our wealth of experience, we offer our expertise to conclude the most practical solutions for your project. We successfully deliver projects in areas of residential housing, government owned agencies and the healthcare sector. Our devices and systems are also suitable for various additional environments such as factory/warehouses, educational facilities, retail and much more.

Mission Statement 

Use the power and influence of connectivity to bring practical and cost-effective solutions into building management – creating peace of mind and security for all occupants.

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