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(Automatic Filling Valve)

This device can be integrated into any sealed heating system and is programmed to automatically refill the boiler if a pressure loss is detected – ensuring no disruption in heating and hot water supply. To ensure optimum safety, the boiler will not automatically refill until the system has passed a series of safety procedures and pre-set criteria, to ensure the fault does not occur from other means, such as a burst pipe. To find out more about our STREAM products including our Boiler Control Module (BCM) click here.

GLOW: EmeRed

This discrete device integrates into a building’s current emergency lighting components and will perform automated testing in accordance with legislation. The device reports back any test failures to the ELS CONNECT portal and will prompt necessary maintenance requests. All tests and devices can be controlled and reviewed via ELS CONNECT; a central cloud based portal. To find out more about our GLOW products including our Lighting Control Module (LCM) click here.


(Boiler Control Module)

This system works with our other STREAM devices, as well as other products from our range to enable full control over heating and hot water supply. The device continually monitors a boilers current state and health – reporting this back to the CONNECT cloud based portal. To find out more about our STREAM range click here.


Talking Assets is a joint venture company between ELS Solutions and Mears Group. Talking Assets specialises in bespoke control systems and devices for social housing; providing optimum and effective property management.

To find out more about Talking Assets visit the website by clicking here.