Water Management and Control Devices

STREAM: Automatic Filling Valve (AFV)

The STREAM: AFV integrates into any sealed heating system and automatically refills the boiler if a pressure loss is detected. This ensures no disruption to heating and hot water supply.  Optimum safety is maintained as the boiler does not automatically refill until the system has passed a series of safety procedures and pre-set criteria. These criteria ensure the fault does not occur from other means, such as a burst pipe/leak. The device reports back to the CONNECT portal every time a refill occurs and will inform of any unusual behaviour. Furthermore, the portal will alert if this may require further investigation or maintenance. A simple solution to a recurring problem.

STREAM: Boiler Control Module (BCM)

The STREAM: BCM works alongside our other devices enabling full control over the heating and hot water supply. The device connects to the boiler; monitoring and reporting on its current health. The data is sent to the CONNECT portal via the BUBBLE hub. This shows current and historical data surrounding usage. The data is also used to foresee any possible maintenance issues, thus increasing preventative maintenance and reducing the number of callouts to a boiler. The smart learning capability allow the device to instruct commands based around daily routines of a building’s occupants.

stream boiler control

This discrete device measures the temperature of a room in complete isolation, irrespective of the temperature of other rooms in the building. This allows the users to effectively use zone control to efficiently heat a building – based on temperature readings and room occupancy. The device works alongside our STREAM: ThermoVALVE to allow and restrict flow to the heating system in individual rooms. The ThermoDOT sends a message to the ThermoVALVE to automatically shut off supply when a room(zone) reaches or exceeds a certain temperature. Therefore, building owners/occupants can make more conscientious and efficient choices when it comes to heating a building. Consequently, improving the EPC rating of a building.


stream thermodot

This device works simultaneously with the ThermoDOT to allow or restrict flow in different zones. Each device attaches to the radiators in different zones meaning that the user can efficiently heat a building without wasting money. No longer do occupants have to homogeneously heat the whole building, including rooms that are unoccupied.

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