Cutting Out the Middle Man

The law requires every single emergency light to undergo a flick test every month and a three-hour duration test every year.

Current testing procedures in any building with emergency lighting involves manual tests carried out by trained personnel. A costly and time-consuming issue that presents many further problems for building owners. As these tests are carried out manually, the factor of human error comes into force; test recordings on lamp failures and inaccurate recordings can be damaging to a building remaining compliant and secure. Furthermore, annual duration tests leave a building vulnerable for the following twelve hours post testing, while light batteries recharge.

So, what’s the alternative?

Automated Testing

Automated testing satisfies several issues that manual testing presents. A cost-effective solution that allows testing in a building to be carried out quickly and efficiently at the click of a button. The EmeRed system works completely autonomously and connects to a cloud based computer portal where tests can be conducted and results are digital recorded. The system will not only notify of any failures when testing emergency lighting components but will also test battery degradation – enabling preventative maintenance to be implemented.

Existing clients who are already using the EmeRed system are projected to save up to 75% on their annual budget.

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